I want MORE for you.

I want more for you than a life where you wake up anxious.

I want more for you than a life where you scramble around in fear on a daily basis and struggle to sleep at night.

I want you to live the life that you dream of – a life with heart.

A life where you’re trying new things and making messes, not caring about the process. A life where you’re fully expressing yourself. A life where you’re living in the moment and loving every minute of it. I want to see the life of a brave woman, the life of a soaring woman who can spread her wings and fly while singing her own songs of joy.

Hi! I’m TLC. And among my many passions, I help sensitive women to take risks and connect with their heart in order to craft a life of joy. If that’s you, let’s chat.

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What Others Say

Teresa has helped women develop spiritual art practices that connect them back to themselves and the present moment.

“I did it Teresa Lynn!!! Totally inspired by YOU.
On a beautiful tropical island, I sat on the sand as the sun was coming up and drummed away on my painting. Letting go of any need for it to look perfect, just enjoying the process and my surroundings. After I’d finished I walked back to our room and I had the most buoyant feeling of connectedness. THANK YOOOOOUUUU” 
Client and Messy Maker

my why


The purpose of my brand is to help sensitive women simplify their lives and release the pressure in their minds by getting into the heart, so they experience more joy.

I provide a practice stage for them to connect with themselves by having fun, taking performative risks in a loving community, and using their hands to make messes and find freedom.

I help them reconnect with their inner child.

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To inspire rebellious imagination
Imagination is the seed of incredible creations. I dare women to use creative power to turn their innermost dreams into reality.

To evoke joy
I see joy as self-love. This motivates me to inspire daily play in my community.

To unleash authenticity
True authenticity is living courageously by your own terms. I dare women to be fearlessly authentic.

Frequently Asked Question

I offer art & play online workshops AND 1 on 1 readings using art & astrology.

It’s a free monthly meetup to make space for your creative self expression.

Not at this time.