Abstract acrylic art idea for beginners! Today I was playing around with a technique of abstract acrylic painting using my fingers. Yup, finger painting. And I realized it’s got kind of like a drum timbre to it with the way it’s stretched.

So I wanted to play around with, like, adding some music into this painting process. Grab the supplies below and either follow the video or the instructions below to join in!

Materials You’ll Need:
  • Canvas: Square or circle is ideal.
  • Acrylic Paints: Choose your favorite colors.
  • Your Hands: Forget about fancy brushes; we’re going in with our bare hands.
  • Voice: Make some noise. I dare you.
Step 1: Setting the Stage

Let’s face it, sometimes you need to start, even if you’re feeling as coordinated as a baby giraffe on roller skates. Put your canvas in a spot where you won’t accidentally paint your cat. Gather your vibrant acrylic paints, your canvas and mentally prepare for the glorious chaos about to unfold.

So today I’m playing around with my brand colors, which are aqua and violet, and then this, like dark purple color, and then also this greeny blue color.

Step 2: Finger Painting Fiasco

Dip your fingers into that white paint like you’re auditioning for a hand-modeling gig. I recommend starting with white and then adding colors. But hey, this isn’t a cooking show; you can’t un-mix your colors, so embrace the randomness.

Step 3: The Rhythm of (Dis)Harmony

Now, let’s add some rhythm to the mix. I went with a simple “bom, bom, bom,” but feel free to channel your inner rockstar. Drum on your canvas like you’re auditioning for a fictional rock band. No judgment here.

Step 4: Find Your Inner Diva

Let your voice out! Sing along with your chaotic beat and see what happens. Whether you’re a pop star or a shower crooner, your art is about to get a soundtrack. Sing like no one’s listening (because hopefully, they’re not).

Abstract Acrylic Art Finger Painting Process
Step 5: Embrace the Mess

Your painting is probably looking like a colorful mud pie right about now. But guess what? That’s the beauty of it! I would describe the painting (on the left) I just made as “blobby magic color.” Embrace the blob, embrace the magic, and let your inner child run wild.

Step 6: Commune with… Yourself

This isn’t just abstract acrylic art; it’s a date with your inner self. It’s like a slumber party with yourself but messier. Feel the rhythm, enjoy the colors, and take a moment to ponder life’s mysteries. Or just giggle at your paint-covered hands.

Step 7: Keep the Laughs Coming

The best part? You can keep doing this. One of my friends takes paints and a canvas with her on trips or gatherings she wants to remember and invites everyone around to contribute their mark.

The magic of creating is multiplied when we are in groups. Invite friends for a messy art jam session or make it a regular self-love ritual. After all, life’s too short to not try new weird shit.

Canvases are the places where we make our best mistakes so that we can practice fucking up. This is actually my kind of prayer. Something mostly involving my hands, involving rhythm, involving artwork. And it’s just like a beautiful way to just like, commune with self, higher self, spirit or your mom.

Making abstract acrylic art by also making music is odd enough to keep you grounded in the present. Your brain trips out on a novel experience and gives in if you allow yourself to be silly. So, grab your materials, embrace the mess, and let your inner artist and singer shine. Your canvas is your playground, and perfection is overrated.

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