trying new things is hard for a sensitive

There’s nothing that slaps a perfectionist in the face more than being new at stuff, right? You can’t be perfect at something that you’re new at. You’re just going to naturally like, suck. And guess what? That’s super human of you.

This is my first blog post on a new website and it just feels gross to write. I’m not someone who shares her inner struggles with the world but here we are struggling out loud.

In fact, this entire business is a brand new venture. I’m inventing a new way of doing business on the fly and it’s important to document the process. Believe me. I would LOVE to hide away until my offerings, posts and brand are perfection. But alas…the product is the process and we are in the newness phase – the sticky, mushy, uncomfortable new phase.

This is a really messy phase full of failures. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve started and stopped and then started up again building this new creation. The steps I was trying to take felt too difficult or wrong mostly because I was putting so much pressure on myself to do it all alone and get it right the first time. Sound familiar?

The pressure to perform creates resistance and we end up in another pause.

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