make a mucking mess with us!

A virtual space for you to make messes, follow your own rhythms and connect with your heart.

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paint create connect within | Teresa Lynn Creative

Use your hands 

connect with your heart

Messy Magic Moon Circle is a space for highly sensitive people to make art, connect with their heart and learn more about themselves.

  • Connect with your inner child
  • Create what makes you feel true to yourself
  • Access the creativity that you already have
  • Find magic in the mundane
  • Live in the moment one project at a time
“I have finally found a space to just come as I am. Teresa shares her nurturing essence and it really comes through. She guides you back to yourself while you paint or do whatever your medium is. 

PS It’s such a relief to find others who enjoy this kind of vibe lol”
Psychic Painter
Triple Virgo Queen

what are you waiting for?

Sooooo….This whole thing is a messy work in progress. I need your input to make it truly magic.

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